Matt Yelin, '11 Recognizes the Joy of Paying it Forward

Matt Yelin, '11 Recognizes the Joy of Paying it Forward
by Kelsey Bumgarner
Athletics Development & Sports Information Assistant

As a Physics and Math/Computer Science major while at Lewis & Clark, Matt Yelin, ’11 didn’t allow his busy schedule to stop him from taking leadership roles in the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and competing on the swim team all four years.
“I chose to attend Lewis & Clark because I wanted a small liberal arts college experience,” said Yelin. “L&C offered me the ability to learn from great professors in a great environment while pursuing many interests outside of academia.”
The connection with Lewis & Clark following graduation is one of the values of being part of a small liberal arts college. Yelin claims his involvement with the swim team and becoming co-chair of SAAC, helping to run various events across campus, as well as the quality of preparation in the classroom is what has prepared him to take on life post-college.
“The value in the liberal arts education comes from the way it prepares students for such a wide range of possible careers and roles. The breadth of a liberal arts education means that students are well-prepared to conquer a number of challenges in and outside their chosen major(s),” said Yelin.
These days, Yelin is working as a programmer and analyst, writing computer programs and using them to analyze options for watershed management and restoration projects. He also spends his personal time attending various alumni and sporting events at L&C and is a regular donor to the athletics department, having recognized the valuable experiences he gained as a student on Palatine Hill has been in part due to other alumni supporting their alma mater.
“I believe that the student-athlete experience at Lewis & Clark is invaluable and I know it prepared me to succeed much better than my studies would have alone,” said Yelin. “I donate to the athletics department to ensure that students coming after me are able to have the same, or even better, experience I did.”
“The amount of joy I received from spending four years in the company of such a wonderful group of educators, coaches, students, and mentors of all kinds cannot be overstated. I stay connected to L&C so that this joy may extend into the years ahead.”
Like Matt, you can stay connected to L&C and help influence the experience of student-athletes, whether by donating to the athletics department for general support or specifying a gift to a certain team.
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