SAAC Hosts Pio Pup Day

SAAC Hosts Pio Pup Day

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By Drew LeDonne

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) hosted Pio Pup day on Nov. 27th. With approximately 50 kids in attendance there was never a dull moment. The children played games and had dinner with the student-athletes. The event lasted about two hours.

“Pio Pup is as much fun for the Student-Athletes as it is for the children who attend and as such is one of our favorite events to host,” said SAAC treasurer and organizer of the event Drew LeDonne. “Games like tag, red-light-green-light, and dodge ball take us back to our recess days and we can sometimes forget who are the kids and who are the young adults. When time to leave approaches a great indicator of success is when defiant children refusing parental orders of departure accompany the only tears of the evening.”

SAAC will host Pio Pup day again next semester in the Spring of 2013. SAAC would like to thank all those in attendance for making the evening a success.