SAAC Representatives Travel to NCAA Leadership Forum

SAAC Representatives Travel to NCAA Leadership Forum
By Rachel Levitsky
Sports Information Intern

DALLAS, Texas – Two members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) executive board traveled to Dallas on Nov. 1-4 to attend the NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum.

SAAC co-chair Megan Andre and SAAC treasurer Drew LeDonne traveled to the forum to participate in “differing levels of engaging discussions with peers to develop our leadership skills and enhance our personal growth via a positive medium,” said LeDonne.

During the discussions, the participants talked about everything from leadership styles to overarching NCAA policies, which Andre and LeDonne then brought back and shared with SAAC.

“Overall I am very glad I went. It was a weekend of constant activity from 6am to 11pm. Tiring but rewarding, enriching, and very beneficial to my personal growth,” said LeDonne. “I hope we—Megan and I—will be able to use what we did in Dallas to positively effect the entire Lewis & Clark community.”

For LeDonne, the messages of the conference go beyond just leadership on campus, extending into all aspects of his life.

“I developed and honed my own personal leadership skills that I hope to use to provide good leadership both to the cross-country and track teams as well as to other organizations I am evolved with campus wide,” said LeDonne. “Beyond just bringing back great new ideas for events SAAC can do on campus, Megan and I learned that to lead is to serve. That really stuck with me. I know it sounds corny but I hope to base my life off of that mantra and have already found that doing so affects both others and myself positively.”