Student Receives Internship With Major League Soccer Team

Student Receives Internship With Major League Soccer Team

PORTLAND, Ore. – PioStream video producer Jose Nevarez was recently selected as the Video Production intern for the Portland Timbers of the MLS and Portland Thorns of the new women’s professional league. We sat down with Nevarez to hear about this opportunity, and how he became interested in sports in the first place.



L&C Athletics: What exactly is your internship with the Timbers and Thorns?

Jose Nevarez: My internship with the Timbers and Thorns revolves around the various aspects of broadcasting and video production.  It can range from videos for the website to their weekly news show ‘Timbers in 30,’ and then of course the actual game day broadcast. 

L&C: What responsibilities will you have?  

JN: I will have a wide range of responsibilities.  Some days I will go to their practice, film it, interview a few players, then generate a video for the website.  During game days I could be the “red hat,” which is the person on the field looking for good things to focus on.  However, they are starting up their web streaming this season that I will probably help out a lot with that on game day since I have a lot of experience in it.  It is open ended to what I could do, it just depends what is needed that day.

L&C: How did you hear about the opportunity?

JN: I stumbled upon a general internship on the Timbers website and so I applied for it. A few weeks later Matt Smith, Director of Broadcasting contacted me about the Video Production Internship.

L&C: What do you hope to gain out of this internship?              

JN: I hope to learn as much as I can from the professionals.  I am self taught, so it will be nice to learn some proper terminology and protocol on how to do things, instead of just making them up along the way as I have been doing.

L&C: What got you interested in video production?

JN: I have always enjoyed making videos and editing, it was always a fun thing to do, but I only used it for school projects and making team highlight videos for my sports teams.  Once Kristian [Martin, Assistant Director of Athletics, Information and Communication] mentioned the PioStream job to me I thought it sounded really fun because I wanted to play with all the gadgets and I would rather do that then stats.

L&C: What do you do at Lewis & Clark related to video production?

JN: Well I take care of PioStream, that’s my main job, which obviously covers home games. But also the Hall of Fame dinner and other special events.  I make the graphics and the animations; anything that’s on PioStream I made at some point.  Then this year I have been working on expanding into covering post-game, highlights, and other events, through PioStream Recap, which brings me back to what I like to do, edit video.  I also made the Student-Athlete Awards Presentation last year and will make it this year after learning by doing the first time around. 

L&C: What other interests do you have outside of video production?

JN: I run Track so that’s definitely an interest.  I love technology so I’m always looking what cool things I can do with my gadgets.  I have a good amount of shows I enjoy watching on TV, like How I Met Your Mother, Suits, The Big Bang Theory and a bunch of others.  I enjoy learning about computer security and am part of the security team in the Computer Science department.

L&C: What got you started in playing sports?

JN: In middle school I was a huge nerd, or a “schoolie” as it was called back then. I was tired of only doing that and being made fun of for it, so I tried out a couple of sports but the main one was Track. I sucked the first year and it motivated me to keep doing it.  Then I just enjoyed being active so it made want to try doing all kinds of sports.

L&C: What is your favorite sport to play?

JN: Well that’s a hard one to answer because I don’t play track, I run track. So to answer your question my favorite sport to play would be Soccer.

L&C: What is your favorite sport to watch?

JN: I grew up watching baseball because that is my dad’s favorite sport so it’s the one I enjoy the most.