Lewis & Clark Welcomes Incoming Student-Athletes

Lewis & Clark Welcomes Incoming Student-Athletes

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Lewis & Clark Athletic Department is excited to announce the Pioneers incoming class of student-athletes. The department hosted its fourth annual "Future Pioneer Night" on Thursday evening at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike Campus, where the incoming athletes were presented to the President of the college, the board of trustees and special guests. 

The Pioneers bring in 102 athletes for the 2013-14 year after graduating 60 student-athletes on Saturday, May 18.

"We are extremely excited about this incoming class," said Mark Pietrok, Acting Director of Athletics. "We look forward to having these students on campus and watching them contribute to the continued success of Pioneer athletics not only on the playing and practice field but in the classroom as well."

Over the next five weeks each individual teams incoming class will be highlighted. 

Check back as each teams incoming student-athletes are highlighted: 

Monday, May 24      Women's Soccer
Wednesday, May 27     Volleyball
Friday, May 31 Men's & #20 Women's Cross Country
Monday, June 3 Men's & Women's Swimming
Wednesday, June 5 Men's Basketball
Friday, June 7 #21 Women's Basketball
Monday, June 10 Men's & Women's Rowing
Wednesday, June 12         Men's & Women's Track & Field
Friday, June 14 Men's & Women's Golf
Monday, June 17 Softball
Wednesday, June 19 Baseball
Friday, June 21 Men's & #30 Women's Tennis
Monday, June 24 Football