Lewis & Clark Tennis Dome

Facilities Hours

Immediately north of the Pamplin Sports Center is the home of Pioneer tennis. The tennis dome features four fully covered courts.

The tennis dome has a translucent skylight, light gray exterior architectural fabric and the most energy efficient inflation/HVAC dome equipment in the industry.

 Prior to the inflation of the dome, a new hurricane resistant foundation was laid. The college also constructed new stairs leading from the tennis dome up to the Pamplin Sports Center. The stairs matched the design of the other staircases located throughout the campus. As part of the stair project the hill in between the Pamplin Sports Center and the dome was cleared and was reseeded with native grasses and wildflowers.

The facility features four newly resurfaced courts, as well as interior lights. A black fence was placed around the exterior of the dome.

Future plans include the addition of restrooms, storage and coaching staff offices.

Lewis & Clark has chosen Arizon Structures as the dome manufacturer. Arizon leads the industry manufacturing domes universities and country clubs through North America.

There are two additional outdoor courts near the Estate Pool.

For more information on using the tennis dome contact head tennis coach Patrick Dreves.