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2019-20 Lewis & Clark Athletics   Rosters / Information       
Baseball   word l TRO l TRX | CAP (4/15)
Men's Basketball   word l stat crew
Women's Basketball   word l stat crew
Crew   (M) word  l  (W) word
Cross Country   (M) word  l  (W) word
Football   word l FRO l FRX 
Men's Golf   word l stat crew
Women's Golf   word l stat crew
Men's Tennis   word l stat crew
Women's Tennis   word l stat crew
Track & Field   (M) word  l  (W) word  l  Combined
Women's Soccer   word l stat crew
Softball   word l TRO l TRX | CAP (4/16)
Swimming   (M) word  l  (W) word  
Volleyball   word l stat crew 


The following are the official Lewis & Clark Athletics marks. Please replace any marks that are not these with the current version.

Transparent background (PNG): L&C logo with white outline (Preferred for video streaming graphics)

JPEG: L&C logo (on white) L&C Logo (on black) 

AI: L&C Logo (Please ignore the color code info at the bottom)

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Primary font: Pioneer Bold and Pioneer Bold Italic (ALL CAPS) | Secondary font: Futura Condensed Medium 

Official names

Team references: Pioneers, Pios, Lewis & Clark, L&C (please use sparingly); (never LC or Lewis and Clark, unless issues persist with &)

Scorebugs and on-screen graphics: L&C

Venue names

  • Pamplin Sports Center (Volleyball, Basketball)
  • Griswold Stadium (Football, Women's Soccer)
  • Huston Sports Complex (Baseball, Softball)
  • L&C Tennis Dome (Tennis)
  • Zehntbauer Swimming Pavilion (Swimming)
  • Eldon Fix Track at Griswold Stadium (Track and Field)
 Official colors
  • Orange
    RGB: R 237, G 119, B 57
    Hex: #ed7739
    CMYK: 3, 66, 87, 0

  • Black
    RGB: R 35, G 31, B 32
    Hex: #231f20 (This is not a perfect black)
    CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100

  • Dark Gray
    RGB: R 95, G 96, B 98
    Hex: #5f6062
    CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 77

  • Light Gray
    RGB: R 159, G 161, B 164
    Hex: #9fa1a4
    CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 44