Alumni rally to celebrate and support Lewis & Clark baseball

Alumni rally to celebrate and support Lewis & Clark baseball

Each year at Lewis & Clark, there are over 350 students actively involved and competing in NCAA Division III athletics, with many more playing intramurals and club sports. With an undergraduate enrollment of over 2,200 students, 1 in 7 Lewis & Clark students are actively involved in some form of athletic competition during their time on campus.

Numerous studies show that there are many positives of being active in athletic competition while attending college. These include leadership development, fitness and health benefits, shared social experiences, and lessons in resilience, determination and teamwork. 

In October of 2015, in partnership with Lewis & Clark Director of Physical Education & Athletics Shana Levine and Associate Director of Athletic Development Monica Baker, a team of alumni, representing 14 different time periods at Lewis & Clark, was assembled to celebrate the history and support the future of Pios Baseball.

The mission was built on the idea to reach deep into the past and recognize the contributions of one person and his impact on so many. That person is Jerry Gatto, who led the Lewis & Clark baseball program for over 22 years starting in 1980.

Link: Jerry Gatto's Bio

Incredibly, only 30 days into the quest to raise $50,000, 47 former players and friends of the program have donated over $36,250, making 72 percent of the goal already achieved. 

The impact that Coach Gatto has had on so many has been incredibly moving and reflective in the alumni support and engagement. But what has been even more powerful has been reconnecting with friends and former teammates and hearing about their lives, their challenges, their successes and how each one highlights how critical being a student-athlete at Lewis & Clark was for them and continues to this day. 

There is truly something special about Lewis & Clark College, and in being a student-athlete. It goes beyond wins and losses. It's a shared sense of purpose and experience, a bond and belief in being a part of something unique and critical to our individual and collective development. 

Coach Gatto's teachings have come to life as this group has started the journey to recognize their impactful coach: Believe in yourself, believe in your teammates, believe something good is going to happen, and believe that through hard work success will be achieved. 

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