Pioneers strike out to the Boxers

Pioneers strike out to the Boxers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers fell to the Pacific (Ore.) Boxers in their first game of their double-header, 0-4. The Pioneers struggled behind the plate with 10 strikeouts compared to the Boxers' two batters that struck out.

Joey Oda had the best batting percentage of the game with one hit without any strike outs. Cooper Larson also helped advance runners with two hits. The Pioneers had five hits, but could not bring any runners in to home plate. 

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Key Moments

In the bottom in the fourth inning, Oda had a single to center field, and was the first runner on a base for the Pioneers in the entire game. Larson then had a single which advanced Oda to second base. Ryan Ericksen then grounded out, and the Boxers had a triple play to end the inning. 

In the bottom of the seventh, there was another chance for the Pioneers after two outs back-to-back by the Boxers. Zack Kon reached first due to an error by the second baseman, but the Pioneers could not bring Kon home. Justin Katona then grounded out to pitcher for the third out of the inning. 

Deeper Look

  • The Pioneers left four runners on base
  • Dominic Monozon and Isaac Blake each had one strikeout
  • Monozon took the loss for the Pioneers allowing four runs
  • Larson had the most hits of the game with two, but struck out once

Game 2

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers lost in their second game of the double-header in the bottom of the twelfth. The Pioneers were ahead of the Boxers until the sixth inning when the they allowed the Boxers three runs. 

The Pioneers did better on the mound than in the first game, but they still struggled behind the plate. The Pioneers had 12 batters strike out, and they only struck out 11 Boxers. The Pioneers, again, struggled to bring runners in with 16 runners left on base. 

Key Moments

In the bottom of the first inning, the Pioneers scored with a single by Jack Thomson which brought in home Larson for the first run of the game. Later in the top of the sixth inning, Jordan Gonzalez allowed three runs by the Boxers to cause the Pioneers to be down by two runs. 

The Pioneers came back when Michael Machado was hit by a pitch, and this brought in Sam Helms to score. Then in the bottom of the sixth as well, Jacob Serafini singled to left field to allow Sammy Benbow to score which tied the game, 3-3. 

In the top of the fourteenth inning, Robert Reaser allowed two hits and walked another Boxer for the Pioneers to be down by four runs with two runners scoring on a single by the Boxers. The Pioneers had three straight strikeouts in the bottom of the fourteenth inning which resulted in 3-7 loss. 

Deeper Look

  • Robert Reaser took the loss for the Pioneers with allowing four earned runs by the Boxers
  • Jordan Gonzalez had five strikeouts with four walks
  • Robert Reaser had six walks and five strikeouts
  • Machado, Thomson, and Serafini each had an RBI

Looking Ahead

The Lewis & Clark Pioneers stay in Portland to continue their play tomorrow with another game against Pacific (Ore.). 


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