In Their Own Words: Owens attends NCAA Convention

In Their Own Words: Owens attends NCAA Convention

Kyle Owens is a Lewis & Clark sophomore guard for the men's basketball team. He traveled to the NCAA Convention last January and shared his experience with


Throughout the past couple years, I have been inspired and motivated to form a career path related to athletics. I am an Economics major, but I wasn't totally sure of what I wanted to do with my major after college. Last fall, I met with Kayleigh McCauley, Lewis & Clark's Director of Student-Athlete Development, and we discussed how I was very interested in working in the field of sports. Kayleigh asked me if I wanted to go to the 2017 NCAA Convention in Nashville, Tenn. and I was selected to attend.

In January, I flew to Nashville to attend the convention for four days. I was grouped with about 50 other NCAA Division III student-athletes from across the country. As a sophomore I was one of the youngest student-athletes there; most of them were juniors, seniors and some had already graduated.

Over the next four days, I participated in some workshops and attended conferences. The workshops taught me a lot about myself, and I learned what my greatest strengths and weaknesses are. I also learned about the importance of networking and how relationships are an essential part of success in the sports industry.

The most memorable part of my trip was attending all the conferences and presentations. I had an inside look on discussions by college athletic directors and presidents over new legislation regarding Div. III athletics. I even had the chance to voice my own opinion about some of these topics. I knew I was in the right environment. I enjoyed talking about these issues with other sports enthused people.

I attended an NWC meeting where I was able to meet all the great experienced athletic directors our conference offers. Over the four days, I met so many athletic directors working at each collegiate level. In addition to those conferences, I attended formal presentations regarding issues in the NCAA such as Title IX or the ongoing debate over concussions and athlete's mental health.

I was also blessed to listen to Grant Hill talk about his life story, his involvement with college and professional sports and the advice he gave student-athletes aspiring to work in college athletics.

One of the highlights of my trip was the NCAA Honors Celebration. This was a celebration recognizing the achievements of some of the NCAA's most talented student-athletes across all divisions. I was astounded at some of the things these people did on the athletic fields, academically and in the community.

Overall, this trip really pointed me in the right direction in terms of my career. I can now confidently say I want to work in college athletics as a coach and one day as an athletic director. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to attend the NCAA Convention.


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