The Pioneers take down the Southwestern Pirates

The Pioneers take down the Southwestern Pirates

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers took down Southwestern Pirates getting Coach McCrory's first collegiate win as a head coach. The Pioneers both out-rebounded and out-shot the Pirates from all lines. The Pioneers' offense was run much more efficiently with 18 assists compared to the Pirates' eight assists. The Pioneers defeated the Pirates, 73-63. 

Junior, Zeke Crawford, lead the Pioneers' both offensively and defensively with 22 points and eight rebounds. The Pioneers' offense was ran by both Mak Hutson and Kody Kennedy with 11 combined assists. 

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Key Moments

In the first half, the Pioneers' offense started off strong with Kody Kennedy hitting a three, with assist by Mak Hutson, to put the Pioneers on the scoreboard. The defense for the Pioneers struggled with being out-rebounded by the Pirates. The Pioneers kept the lead for most of the first half ending in the lead, 33-29. 

The Pioneers dominated the second half keeping the lead the entire half. A couple of back-to-back drives created the momentum the Pioneers needed to finish the game. The Pioneers' offense went on a run with Zeke Crawford having 10 points alone this half. This was followed closely by Kyle Owens and Andrew Panicacci with six points each. Jalen Lowry stepped up to run the offense wth three assists in this half. 

Deeper Look

  • Daelon Floyd had seven rebounds with one assist 
  • Mak Huston had 10 points with six assists
  • Matt Brown had nine points with one steal 
  • Jalen Lowery had two points with three assists
  • Coach McCrory had his first head win as a collegiate head coach

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers head to Multnomah University on Monday, Dec. 10, to play against Portland Bible.