Kyle Owens leads the team to victory against the D'Youville Spartans

Kyle Owens leads the team to victory against the D'Youville Spartans

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers take down the D'Youville Spartans with a great overall performance. The momentum of the game stayed on the Pioneers' side the entire game. The Pioneers' offense and defense stayed strong and aggressive throughout both halves. The Pioneers took the game, 94-81.

The Pioneers' offense started off strong with Kyle Owens leading the team with Mak Huston and Kody Kennedy running the court with a combined 11 assists. The Pioneers' defense stayed aggressive and scrappy throughout both halves with a total of seven steals and 28 rebounds. 

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Key Moments

In the first half, Senior guard, Kyle Owens, led his team with 24 points missing only three shots throughout the half. The Pioneers' offense was lead by Kody Kennedy and Mak Hutson with a combined total of seven assists. On the defensive end, Zeke Crawford defended the basket with six rebounds while the team had a total of four steals. The Pioneers' had many crucial moments in the first half that helped them keep the momentum throughout the half. The Pioneers' dominated going into the second half, 55-33. 

The Pioneers continued to have a strong showing in the beginning of the second half from both ends, defense and offense. The Spartans drew a technical after one of their players shoved Nick Lombardi which caused the Pioneers to gain all momentum. The Pioneers seemed to be under control until the last three minutes of the second half with the Spartans causing a shift in play. The play for more aggressive and more scrappy than before. The Pioneers' struggled defensively for the last three minutes of the game, but managed to close-out the Spartans with a 13 point lead. 

Deeper Look

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers stay at Pamplin Sports Center to go against the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs on Dec. 19.