Pioneers taken down by the UCSC Banana Slugs after losing a 12 point lead

Pioneers taken down by the UCSC Banana Slugs after losing a 12 point lead

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers were defeated in the last two minutes of the game losing a lot of momentum after a flagrant foul in the beginning of the second half. The Pioneers' struggled with defending the basket, and keeping pace with the Banana Slugs' offense. The Pioneers lost after having a 12 point lead at the end of the first half. The ending score being, 74-77.

The Pioneers kept all momentum throughout the first half of the game with their offense staying calm and in control throughout the entire game. The defense stayed scrappy causing nine turnovers with three blocks within the first half alone. At the end of the game, the Pioneers' defense fell apart causing their downfall.

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Key Moments

In the first half, the Pioneers' offense was rolling with Mak Hutson leading with three assists. The defense was held down by both Adrian Romero and Daelon Floyd with a combination of four rebounds. Romero had one block with four points making his first appearance back from an injury. The momentum stayed with the Pioneers throughout the first half, and the UCSC Banana Slugs struggled to control their offense. The Banana Slugs had a total of nine turnovers in the first half alone while the Pioneers only had three.

Within the first ten minutes of the second half, Kyle Owens had a flagrant foul that helped the UCSC Banana Slugs to gain momentum. Throughout the second half, the Banana Slugs continued to gain momentum. The Pioneers kept the lead throughout the second half until the last two minutes of the game when the Banana Slugs tied the game at 68-68. In the last 30 seconds of the game, the Banana Slugs nailed a three-pointer that brought them to a three-point lead. The Pioneers struggled to take the lead back within the last minute, and could not come back in time ending with the score of 74-77.

Deeper Look

Looking Ahead

The Lewis & Clark Pioneers travel to California for the holidays to play Caltech on Dec. 21 and Cal Lutheran on Dec. 22.