Seniors finish out their careers on the hill with career-highs

Seniors finish out their careers on the hill with career-highs

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers celebrated senior night against the Pacific Lutheran Lutes. They celebrated their five seniors: Kyle Owens, Adrian Romero, Ryan Stewart, Mak Hutson, and Trevor Jeg. The five seniors started for the last time of their careers on the hill in Pamplin Sports Center.

The Pioneers all worked together to support their seniors, and help them finish their careers as Pioneers on a high note. There was a lot of momentum on the Pioneers side, and every good play from the Pioneers got the bench on their feet. This was a good final game on the hill for the seniors with all of their fans and support.

Key Moments

In the first half, Hutson ran the offense with six points and one assist. Within the first two minutes of the first half, Jeg had a layup with an assist from Owens which was a momentum shifter for the game, and it caused the Lutes to take a timeout. Although, the Pioneers struggled to be efficient under the rim after loss of momentum, and their offense struggled to gain momentum in critical points of the game. The Pioneers did not score in the first three minutes of the half, and went scoreless the last five minutes of the half.

In the second half, Romero had the game of his career with 15 points, four rebounds, and one steal. All of Romero's points happened in the second half which closed the gap a little to the Lutes. Huston helped the Pioneers in the second half with four assists along with Owens five points. Stewart added two rebounds and a steal to help try and close the gap to the Lutes. Although, the Pioneers continued to struggle in the second half to establish their offense. With this, the gap was never closed, and the Pioneers dropped the game to the Lutes with a final score of 74-55.  

Deeper Look

  • Jeg, Romero, and Stewart had their first starts of their careers
  • Romero had a career-high of 15 points in a game
  • Stewart hit 50 assists
  • Hutson reached 105 rebounds
  • Owens reached 140 rebounds along with 770 points

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers play away for their last series of games of the 2018-19 season this upcoming weekend, Feb. 15 and 16, against Willamette and Pacific (Ore.).