After a series of weather delays, Raed and Ramez Attia cause an upset

After a series of weather delays, Raed and Ramez Attia cause an upset

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers men's tennis team lost to the Trinity University Tigers in all but one match. The Pioneers had a couple of strong performances in both doubles and singles, but faced nationally ranked opponents who took the 6-1 win. 

The Pioneers had a few close matches in singles to give the Tigers a battle. Ramey Attia competed against the Tigers Wilson Hamilton, but ended with a 7-6, 6-1, loss in the end. Will McDermott also had another close game in singles with a 6-4, 6-2 loss. 

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Key Moments 

In doubles, the Pioneers stayed fairly consistent, and were close in each game. Brendan Adams and Will McDermott had an 8-4 loss to the Tigers along with teammates, Ryan Hayes and Riley Vickers. The doubles were battles with a lot of energy, but the Pioneers came up short in two out of the three doubles matches. 

Although the Trinity Tigers had an overall win tonight, the Pioneers left with a major upset. Raed and Ramez Attia put up a fight against the Trinity Tigers' Wilson Lambeth and Jordan Pitts. Pitts and Wilson are currently ranked number seven in the country as a doubles team. Raed and Ramez took them down in a 8-4 win, and caused the biggest upset of the season, thus far. This was, by far, the highlight of the Pioneers' night in San Antonio. 

Deeper Look

  • Raed and Ramez Attia got their first win of the season 
  • McDermott and Adams are 0-2 on the season
  • Vickers and Hayes currently hold the record of 0-2 as well

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers will continue play in San Antonio tomorrow at Schreiner University at 8:00 a.m. CST.