The Pioneers have a big win against the Wildcats

The Pioneers have a big win against the Wildcats

PORTLAND, Ore. --The Lewis & Clark Pioneers were dominant on the hill today with a big win against the Wildcats. The Pioneers went against the Linfield Wildcats with a 6-2 win. 

The Pioneers started the day off strong with two bigs wins in doubles that helped start the momentum for the day. Riley Vickers had a strong showing against the Wildcats' Jacob Mangan. Vickers continued to keep the momentum of the game, and an incredibly strategically smart game which ended with a 6-2, 6-0 win. 

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Key Moments

Brendan Adams and Will McDermott played against the Wildcat's J.T. Barcellos and Eric Rutherford and won with a score of 6-4. It was a close match the entire time, and eventually Adams and McDermott ran with the momentum to finish the match. Ryan Hayes and Riley Vickers also had a battle tonight against the Wildcats with a 6-3 win. Read and Ramez Attia ended with a 5-7 loss in doubles. 

Raed Attia had a comeback in singles with a win over the Wildcat's top, Nathan Saragoza. In the first set, Attia and Saragoza were going almost point for point, and Attia got the win in tie-breaker. Ramez Attia also came back to win against Linfield's Trent Prussing. Attia was in control the entire match, and swept the Wildcat with scores of, 6-3, 6-1. 

Deeper Look

  • Raed and Ramez Attia both now have a 1-2 record for singles on the season
  • Vickers and Hayes got their first win in singles of the season thus far 

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers return to the hill next Sunday, Feb. 24, to play against the Willamette Bearcats, another conference opponent.