Pioneers perform well at Husky Open, gaining speed against conference rivals

Pioneers perform well at Husky Open, gaining speed against conference rivals

SEATTLE, Wash. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers had a short and sweet day of racing at the Husky Open regatta, racing a women's 8+ and two men's 4+'s Saturday morning. All three boats put down strong performances after a week of two-a-day practices during spring break. The women's 8+ finished second in their heat after a strong sprint, while each of the men's 4+'s finished in third place in their respective heats.

The Pios lined up with crews from University of Washington, Western Washington, Seattle Pacific, Washington State, and Seattle University, providing the team with an excellent opportunity to gauge their speed outside of the Northwest Conference. The Pios did see conference rival Puget Sound, but did not race them directly in any of the heats. The women's 8+ made the most significant speed gains, closing the gap with UPS from the Logger Invite by more than 20 seconds.

Coach Sam Taylor said of the day, "A great day! Absolutely terrific conditions at one the best venues in college rowing, and all our crews had great races coming off of a solid week of spring break training. Mostly I'm very proud of how well the team handled themselves on and off the water in a high pressure, big race environment. We're riding this positive energy going into the last four weeks of the season and are looking forward to building off our momentum."

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Key Moments

The women's 8+ had a very strong start, with clean bladework and solid timing. They were off the line with the other crews, but were slightly outpaced for the middle thousand of the race, maintaining contact at the back of the pack. With 500 meters to go, all boats had overlap headed into the narrowest part of the racecourse, and senior coxswain Liana Clary called a move which saw the Pios walk a full length on two boats to finish in a time of 7:14.9. There are four novice rowers in the eight who've only raced one other sprint race in their careers, putting the Pios in a strong position to continue to make big gains in speed through the end of the season. The lineup consisted of Skylin Alcorn in stroke, followed by Camille Wong, Natalie Stroud, Kess Moulton, Katie Crocker, Lindsay Woodward, Allie Traeger, and Catherine Pendleton-Wheeler.

The men's varsity 4+ had a solid race, the strongest part of their performance in the middle thousand meters, where they established a smooth and strong rhythm. The stroke seat, Zach Dworkin, is still recovering from a rib injury, so the crew has yet to reach their full potential, looking to find more speed in their sprint sequence heading into the Covered Bridge Regatta. Dworkin is followed by Jack Heppner, Owen Wohlforth, and Nick Campen, coxed by Maggie Coit.

The men's lightweight 4+ race started early, catching the Pios slightly off guard as they were making an adjustment to their point. They were able to get off the line clean, if not a little behind, finding their rhythm in the middle thousand meters of the race but unable to catch the other boats in the heat. There are two novices in the light 4+, coxswain Shaina Zins and two seat Christian Errman, who competed in the second sprint race of their careers. Jamie Valtin stroked the boat, followed by Quinn Vinlove, Errman, and Kyle Mezrahi in the bow.

Deeper Look

  • Natalie Stroud and Kess Moulton both set new PR's on their two thousand meter tests, pulling the second and third fastest 2k's in school history for the women's team
  • Moulton broke the school record for fastest women's novice 2k by more than 10 seconds
  • Senior captain Owen Wohlforth won his seat race against sophomore Quinn Vinlove, securing his spot in two seat of the varsity 4+ for Husky Open
  • Novices Christian Errman, Catherine Pendleton-Wheeler, Lindsay Woodward, Katie Crocker, Kess Moulton, and Shaina Zins all competed in their second ever sprint race with the Pios at Husky Open
  • Freshman Jack Heppner PR'd on his most recent two thousand meter test, maintaining his spot as the top erg on the team
  • Nick Campen and Quinn Vinlove pulled within .2 seconds of each other on their last two thousand meter test, giving Vinlove a shot at a seat in the varsity 4+
  • Freshman novices Christian Errman and Alberto Partida spent the spring break week learning to row both sides for a potential change to the novice 4+ lineup
  • Tiffani Wong, Amanda Hendrickson, Sherlock Ortiz, Grace Falkner, and Alberto Partida were unable to race at Husky Open because the race schedule was too tight to double race, but came to Seattle anyway to support the team

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers head to the Collegiate Covered Bridge Regatta in Lowell, OR next weekend. Racing begins at 8am on Sat., April 6.