Pioneers battle through tough conditions to send five boats to grand finals

Pioneers battle through tough conditions to send five boats to grand finals

LOWELL, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers took to the road Friday evening, heading South to compete in the Collegiate Covered Bridge Regatta on Dexter Lake on Saturday. The Pioneers raced in seven events, with almost every member of the team racing three or more times across multiple boats. Despite challenging weather conditions during the morning racing, the Pioneers persevered to send five boats on to grand finals and two to petite finals.

The Pioneers lined up with conference rivals Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran, as well as some of the competitive DI and DII schools in the region, including Oregon State, Humboldt, University of Portland, Seattle University, and Western Washington.

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Key Moments

The men's varsity 4+ had the top performance of the day, racing through challenging conditions to place first in their heat, beating our rival Puget Sound by nine seconds. They then took home a silver medal in the grand final later in the afternoon after walking through multiple boats in the sprint, beating out Humboldt for second by .05 seconds.

The women's varsity 4+ and 8+, and novice 4+ all did well in their heats, advancing to grand finals. The varsity 4+ placed third in their heat, while the 8+ placed second. Both placed last in the grand finals against tough competition. The novice 4+ also took second in their heat to finish sixth in their final.

The men's novice 4+ placed sixth in a tough heat to then take second in their petite final, thanks to a strong and effective sprint. The women's JV4+ placed sixth in both their heat and final, but the novice crew came off the water feeling good about their races. The men's varsity 8+ finished six in their heat, making it to the final, but had to scratch the final due to an injury.

Deeper Look

  • Almost every member of the team raced more than three times in at least two lineups
  • Freshman Skylin Alcorn was moved into the stroke seat of both the women's varsity 8+ and the women's novice 4+
  • Freshmen Soren Gotschall and Christian Ermann earned spots in the men's varsity 8+, while also competing in the men's novice 4+
  • Gotschall currently holds the second fastest erg score on the team
  • Katherine Altaffer and Sofia Green both raced for the second time at Covered Bridge
  • Quinn Vinlove filled in a seat in the men's varsity 4+ after an injury flared up for stroke seat Zach Dworkin

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers will host the Northwest Conference Championships this year on Vancouver Lake, in Vancouver Washington. Racing begins at 9am on Sat., April 20.