Pioneers win one and lose one in season opener

Pioneers win one and lose one in season opener

WEST LINN, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers took on the Northwest Washington Eagles in their double header season opener. After losing game one 13-12, the Pioneers rallied to win game two 10-2 scoring nine runs off of hits.

The Pioneers were the first to score, bringing in two runs in the first inning off a double from Lily Moffit, who brought in Lisa Kumasaka, and a sacrifice fly from Frankie Warden to bring in Moffit. The Eagles answered with a run of their own, but were kept scoreless for the next three innings before earning another run in the fourth. The Pios were able to rack up three more runs over the next two innings with a sacrifice fly by Braylin Jenson to score Zoe Suarez in the second inning, and a home run by Olivia Brackin to bring home Moffit again in the third.

The fifth inning was a big one for the Pioneers, earning four runs off of a walk for Hannah Urbach which sent Emily Drevdahl home, a single from Juarez that brought Warden home, a line drive from Kami Merril that ended in a double play but scored Olivia Brackin on an error, and a single from Jenson that brought home Urbach. The Eagles were only able to respond with one run before the Pios shut down the inning.

The sixth inning saw Warden ground out to second to score Moffit, earning the Pios their 10th run of the game.

Savannah Dickson pitched all six innings for the Pios, allowing three hits and two runs with five walks.

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Key Moments

Lily Moffit earned three runs for the Pios with two hits and a walk in three at bats. Emily Drevdahl, Olivia Brackin, and Zoe Juarez also earned runs off of two hits each, while Brackin, Warden, and Braylin Jenson all had two RBI's each. Brackin also scored the Pios' lone home run in the top of the third.

Game 1

The Lewis & Clark Pioneers took on the Northwest Washington Eagles for a rainy doubleheader to open their season. Despite establishing an early 6-0 lead in the second inning, the Pioneers were unable to hold off the Eagles, who came back to win 13-12.

The top of the second inning was a big one for the Pios, setting them up with a 6-0 lead established mostly on walks and errors made by the Eagles. Another rally in the top of the fifth that saw the Pioneers score four runs seemed like that might be enough of a lead to clinch the win. Despite those big innings for Lewis & Clark, the Eagles were able to score for four consecutive innings, slowly working their way back up to a rally in the bottom of the seventh where they scored five to top the Pios.

Emily Drevdahl scored a home run for the Pios in the top of the fourth, leading the team in batting with three RBI's, two hits, and three runs in four at-bats. Lisa Kumasaka and Braylin Jenson also logged and RBI each for the Pios.

Savannah Dickson and Megan Anderson both pitched three innings for the Pioneers. Dickson started the game and allowed five hits and three runs, with three strikeouts and three errors. Anderson finished the game, allowing eight hits and 10 runs, with five strikeouts and four errors.

Key Moments

Emily Drevdahl scored a home run for the Pios in the top of the fourth, logging three RBI's, three runs, and two hits for the Pios in four at-bats. Lily Moffit also scored three runs in three at-bats, getting on base with two walks and a hit. Lisa Kumasaka had two runs in three at-bats with with one hit and one RBI. She got on base twice with two walks.

Deeper Look

  • Emily Drevdahl had a double and a home run in two games, with three RBI's and four runs
  • Lily Moffit scored a run for every at-bat she had over two games, scoring six runs combined, as well as getting a double and RBI in game two
  • Lisa Kumasaka had two steals in game one with two runs in three at-bats
  • Zoe Juarez had a double and RBI in game two with a combined two runs for the Pios

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers take on Northwest Christian in their second double header of the weekend on Sun., Feb. 17. The first game starts at 12 and the second game starts at 2.

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