Koeppen wins Fulbright Award

Koeppen wins Fulbright Award

PALATINE HILL -- Lewis & Clark senior Kelley Koeppen was named one of three Lewis & Clark seniors to win Fulbright Awards earlier this month. 

Competing for three different intercollegiate teams over her four years at Lewis & Clark, Koeppen will serve as an English teaching assistant in an upper-grade classroom in Malaysia.

For many years, Lewis & Clark has been a top producer of Fulbright winners. Established in 1946, the Fulbright Program fosters mutual understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchanges. Koeppen (below center) joins Caia Jaisle (below left) and Bradley Davis in earning the award.

Koeppen says she welcomes the opportunity to gain experience working as an educator. A Chemistry major, she credits her experience on Lewis & Clark's overseas program in Cuenca, Ecuador with inspiring her to apply to the Fulbright program in the first place.

"My study abroad experience had a huge impact on how I see myself as a citizen in this world," Koeppen said. "It was a very rewarding experience living with a host family, volunteering on a farm, and living in a new culture. My experience as a whole made me realize that growth comes from challenging yourself to be a better and more informed citizen, and being open to new and different ideas."

Koeppen recently graduated after a four-year career with the women's basketball program and a year competing for women's soccer (2015) and track and field (2018). As a senior, Koeppen averaged 2.6 points and 3.0 rebounds per game, both her most since her sophomore season.

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