Strong start in first half ends in loss to Pacific

Strong start in first half ends in loss to Pacific

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers started strong against the Pacific Boxers, outscoring their conference rivals by 10 points in the first quarter. The Pioneers were unable to hold onto that momentum through the rest of the game, eventually giving up the lead after a scoreless two minute stretch in the third quarter.

The Pioneers offense was lead by both Alyx Crager, with 14 points, and Delsie Johnson, with 13 points. Tori Eichten was also a stand out against the Boxers with five assists, five rebounds, five points, and two blocks. Eichten helped the Pioneers' offense stay active and in the game until their scoreless two minutes in the third quarter. 

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Key Moments

In the first quarter, the Pioneers had a ten point lead with Crager and Sara Hogman having a combined 13 points to lead the Pioneers' offense. Eichten ran the game from the start with three assists in the first quarter alone. In the second quarter, the momentum started to shift a little as the Pioneers almost tripled the number of turnovers from the first to second quarter. 

In the last half, the Pioneers had a scoreless period where the Pioneers' could not seem to recover the momentum after. Delsie Johnson seemed very effective in the second half of the game, but Johnson's performance was not enough to get the momentum back for the Pioneers. The Pioneers fell to the Boxers only by six points, 62-56. 

Deeper Look

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers head to Linfield on Fri., Jan. 25 at 6 p.m. for their next conference match.