Lewis & Clark earns a 6-3 road win

Lewis & Clark earns a 6-3 road win

TACOMA, Wash. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers won 6-3 over the Puget Sound Loggers in a Northwest Conference match on Saturday at the Puget Sound Tennis Pavilion.The Pioneers' No. 1 and No. 2 seemed to struggle today with their games being their only loss in the entire match today.

Rachael Rice and Carla Thomas won the No. 2 doubles match, while Caitlin Jones and Caroline Hennes paired for a No. 3 doubles victory. Natalie Kowal joined Rice, Thomas and Jones as singles winners.

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Key Moments

In singles, Kowal had extremely close games that finished in 7-5, 7-5, and Kowal finished with a win over the Puget Sound's No. 5. Rice also had another close match for the Pioneers with a 6-3 win in the first set, but had a hard time finishing the second set. Rice stole all the momentum from the Loggers' No. 3 to finish with a 7-6 win in the second game. Carla Thomas also had a great performance in singles after getting a win in a three set match over the Loggers' No. 4. 

In doubles, Hanks and Landerfelt fell to the No. 1 from the Loggers', Lisa Owen and Nicole Bouche. Hanks and Landerfelt could not seem to find momentum throughout the match to help them get started. Thomas and Rice also had a close win in a tie breaker in the end which helped the Pioneer take the lead after doubles. 

Deeper Look

  • Kowal had an overall 3-2 record for singles 
  • Both Hennes and Rice has a 3-2 overall record in doubles
  • Rice and Thomas are on a four game winning sreak
  • LC Women's Tennis currently has a record of 12-18 in singles and 6-9 in doubles

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers compete at Pacific Lutheran on Sunday, Mar. 10.