Pioneers are defeated with a tough match against the Portland State Vikings

Pioneers are defeated with a tough match against the Portland State Vikings

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers fell to the Portland State Vikings in a 0-7 loss. The Pioneers played out of their division for the first time since the beginning of the season, and had a couple of great performances on the day. 

Madelyn Landerfelt and Riley Hanks had a close doubles match against the Vikings' No. 1. Landerfelt and Hanks stayed in the game with a 4-6 loss in the end which brings their overall doubles record to 1-5.

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Key Moments 

In doubles, the Pioneers had a couple of close games. Landerfelt and Hanks played great against the Vikings' No. 1 with a 4-6 loss. Rachael Rice and Carla Thomas also had a close game with a 3-6 loss to the Vikings No. 2 team. Natalie Kowal and Caroline Hennes had a little bit more of a gap with a 0-6 loss against the Vikings. 

In singles, the Pioneers had a little more of a rough time against the Vikings. Landerfelt went against the Vikings' No. 1, and ended with a 1-6, 1-6 loss. Hennes also had a 1-6, 1-6 loss to the Vikings. Overall in singles, the Pioneers struggled to gain momentum, and overall went 0-6 in singles. 

Deeper Look

  • Hanks now has an overall singles record of 3-6
  • Rice and Thomas has an overall doubles record of 4-3
  • Hennes and Kowal's doubles record overall is now 1-1
  • Hennes has a singles record of 1-4 
  • Kowal now has a singles record of 5-4 

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers continue to be on the road with a match against George Fox at 11 a.m.