Pioneers get knocked out in semifinals by Whitman

Pioneers get knocked out in semifinals by Whitman

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. -- The Lewis & Clark Pioneers end their season in the semifinals of the NWC Championship Tournament to the Whitman Blues. The Pioneers had a couple of close matches in doubles, and had two close matches in singles. The Pioneers lost with an overall score of 0-5. 

The Pioneers end their post-season play, and end their season with the lost to the Blues. The Pioneers put up a good fight against the Blues, but could not gain any momentum throughout the match. In the end, the Pioneers lost to the with a score of 0-5, and they left four matches in singles unfinished. 

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Key Moments


In doubles, Raed and Ramez Attia had one last run, and they almost secured a win. Raed and Ramez barely lost to the Blues' No. 1 team that is nationally ranked. Raed and Ramez took a 5-8 loss to the Blues. Brendan Adams and Will McDermott struggled a little more in doubles with a 2-8 loss to the Blues' No. 2 team. Riley Vickers and Ryan Hayes put up a battle against the Blues that ended in a 4-8 loss for the Pioneers. 

In singles, Raed Attia had an extremely tough battle against the Blues' No. 1. The first set of Raed's match was still in progress with a score of 5-6, and was left unfinished due to the fact the Pioneers had no way of coming back to win. Ramez Attia went unfinished as well, but the first set was in Ramez's favor with a 6-2 win. Hayes was swept by the Blues' No. 6 along with McDermott against the No. 4. Adams had a closer match, but was unable to finish as well. Riley Vickers also struggled to get momentum throughout the match, and went unfinished along with his teammates.

Deeper Look

  • Hayes ended with an overall record of 7-9
  • McDermott finished the season with a 9-8 overall record
  • Raed/Raed ended with an overall record of 11-6
  • McDermott/Adams finished with an overall record of 9-8
  • Hayes/Vickers ended with an 8-8 record

Looking Ahead

The Pioneers finish the 2018-19 season, and now look forward to continue play Fall of 2019.